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Trade won't start if you do not force 50+ quality hits in 24 hours! Do not contact me for trade activation if you are not going to send any traffic.
  • I am always looking for honest and reliable trade partners. Don't even try to cheat me - you'll be detected (100%) and punished!
  • Traffic across all sites is constantly monitored and returned based on productivity.
  • No cookie traffic is blocked from all sites. I don't let any in, I don't send any out.
  • You must have a real and visible toplist, so i can check your trades
  • Trade only with sites of a similar niche and with similar preview thumb sizes.
  • Minimal skim to content 50% Clean traders/links on sites. No consoles, Absolutely NO ch**d p*rn, autoinstallers, autobookmarks, pop ups, auto resize, exploits, trojans, viruses, video codec installs and galleries like Avicash/Videos Cash, ActiveX, Zango, No .js Files, dialers, no bestiality or anything else illegal etc. Sites will be automatically blacklisted.
  • Dont request hardcore trade with softcore sites. Softcore = NO penises and sperm at all. Request trade by niche and site's type ONLY.

Please do not hesitate to contact me.

ICQ: 593.827.9l9


Niche: Softcore/Art Nude/Erotica
Title / URL PR Type Thumbs Daily Traffic / Alexa Rank Skim Traffic Trade
Nude Models / TGP 165x225 40K / view 80% contact me
Met Art / TGP 165x225 10K / view 100% contact me
Erotica / TGP 150x220 10K / view 80% contact me
Nude Pics / TGP 150x200 5K / view 80% contact me
Nude Art / TGP 165x225 3K / view 80% contact me
Naked Girls / TGP 150x200 2K / view 80% contact me
Erotic Girls / TGP 165x225 2K / view 80% contact me
Erotic Art / TGP 165x225 2K / view 80% contact me
Met Art Models / TGP 165x225 2K / view 80% contact me
Erotic Pictures / TGP 165x225 2K / view 80% contact me
Felchthathole / TGP 165x225 2K / view 80% contact me

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